Rachel Marie Photography

Georgetown, South Carolina | Vacation | August 27, 2019

Wendell and I are on vacation with our family, and with our best friends, Kayla & Dominic at the beautiful Surfside, South Carolina (just south of Myrtle Beach). We started off our day with some Frosted Flakes in bed, followed by homemade breakfast sandwiches and Bachelor in Paradise (#teamJPJ). We soon decided that we wanted to take a trip to Georgetown, South Carolina to get some shrimp, fresh from the inlet.

Georgetown is about 30 minutes south of Surfside, and is the most quaint little town ever! Georgetown reminds me of Charleston, with the overhanging trees with all the old man’s beard.

After we picked up the shrimp, we went back North up to Murrells inlet to get some blue crabs ???? (because you know, Marylanders!), and back “home” to steam them up!

We enjoyed our crabs, shrimp and beer with lots of love and laughs surrounded by family. Take a peak into our beautiful day!